Stuck on You [VHS]

Conjoined twins from Martha's Vineyard move to Los Angeles so that one of them can pursue an acting career.

100 Men and A Girl [VHS]

Despite its Larry Flynt-friendly title, Deanna Durbin is typically wholesome in the lavishly produced musical One Hundred Men and a Girl, which finds its heroine saving a fledgling orchestra led by financially challenged father Adolph Menjou, along with help from Leopold Stokowski. Not surprisingly, music is literally center stage for much of this delightful film; highlights include Stoki's batonless conducting of Tchaikovsky's Fifth Symphony and Deanna's winsome trilling of Mozart's "Alleluia." The resulting package earned its star a special 1938 Academy Award (for her "spirit and personification of youth") and took home an Oscar of its own for Charles Previn's score. --Steven Smith

Dangerous Pursuits [VHS]

aerial videosof reallife police pursuits from the streets of los angeles

Great Scout and Cathouse Thursday

Durable mailers feature easy, self-seal closure. Lightweight. Bubble-cushioned for protection. Meets U.S. Postal regulations.

Masada - The Complete Miniseries [VHS]

This 1981 television miniseries, based on Ernest K. Gann's historical novel The Antagonists, is a dramatization of a documented revolt by nearly a thousand Jerusalem Jews against Roman oppressors in A.D. 72 to 73. Following a city-wide siege by Rome's soldiers, Jewish Zealots move into a fortress in the mountains of Masada, from which they present a defense strong enough to convince the enemy to negotiate. Peter O'Toole, in all his golden dignity, plays Cornelius Flavius Silva, commander of the Roman legions, and Peter Strauss is Zealot leader Eleazar ben Yair. Both are outstanding as representatives from each side trying, in good faith, to find a way out of the deadlocked situation. Unfortunately, neither realizes that Rome has no intention of yielding, resulting in one of the greatest tragedies in Jewish history. A strong cast of character actors--David Warner, Barbara Carrera, Timothy West, and Anthony Quayle--is rewardingly watchable, the action and sets are persuasive without overwhelming the story's human dimension, and direction by Boris Sagal (The Omega Man) is crisp and enthralling. This was a pleasure to watch when it was first broadcast, and it holds up very well today. --Tom Keogh

The Legend of Billie Jean [VHS]

Tape plays very good, shelf wear on the box.

Nursery Rhymes [VHS]

Nursery Rhymes [VHS] [VHS Tape] (1991) Isla St Clair; Martin Carthy

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