Polk Audio CSI A6 Center Channel Speaker (Single, Black)

Center channel speakers easily carry the 50% or more of center channel info delivered in multi-channel sources for home theatre systems. The Polk Audio CSI A6 Center Channel Speaker has an aimable cabinet to give you placement flexibility and finer sound-tailoring for your high performance home theater system. The CSi A6 features the latest generation of Dynamic Balance polymer composite drivers for smooth wide-range response with low distortion as well as a 1-inch silk/polymer dome tweeter to deliver better sound detail. The dual rear PowerPort bass venting vastly reduces chuffing or port noise. It provides deeper, more powerful, lower distortion bass than other conventional ported or sealed designs can offer. All-MDF construction creates an acoustically inert cabinet. Acoustically inert stamped driver baskets and floating anti-diffraction grilles minimize grille diffraction for spacious, 3-dimenional sound imaging. Neodymium magnet, low-viscosity ferro-fluid cooling and a heat sink on the back of the magnet to create better power handling and reliability. You are assured classic Polk performance in a design that speaks to today's high-end home décor. True performance art.

Klipsch R-112SW 12-in. Powered Subwoofer Bundle with WA2 Wireless Kit, Black

You get this great product.... Klipsch - R112SW Subwoofer Plus, you get: Klipsch - WA2 Wireless Subwoofer Kit. If speakers are the voice of an audio system, then the subwoofer is the heart. Klipsch subwoofers craft bass more powerfully or efficiently than their competition within similar pricing. From the 12" Spun Copper Front Firing Cermetallic Woofer cones, the brushed polymer veneer MDF cabinets and the 300 watt all digital amplifier are engineered to provide pulse-pounding low frequency response. Enjoy your music passionately played with the added depth and low frequency accurate response. Live the intense moments in your movies, and feel every explosion resounding right in your chest. Adding the WA-2 wireless adapter kit frees you to place the subwoofer anywhere in the room. Compact subwoofer with stylish finish Klipsch wraps the rigid MDF contruction with a durable black brushed polymer veneer that seamlessly blends with your existing system. Effortly match the R-112SW to any modern home theater décor. MDF Plinth An incredible acoustic decoupling technique that allows you to hear the subwoofer, not the room. Go Wireless The R-112SW supports the WA-2 Wireless subwoofer adapter kit and allows you to freely change its placement anywhere in the room. Tuck the subwoofer beside the sofa, place it in the back of the room or wherever it is the most convenient. Front LED Power Indicator Always no when your Klipsch R-112SW is powered on with the easy to read LED power indicator. Regardless whether on or off, the efficient subwoofer only uses a exceptionally low 1/2 watt or power in standby.

MPD Digital LMR400-PL259-UHF-125 LMR-400 Coax Ham or CB Radio Jumper Antenna UHF VHF HF Coax Cable Jumper RF with PL-259 Connectors

MPD Digital is the Only Manufacturer of Genuine LMR Cable. MPD Digital provides the broadest range of transmission line solutions for military, aerospace, wireless communications and industrial applications. With engineering expertise and range of manufacturing capabilities unmatched in the industry we design cable to withstand 20 Years of service in RF applications.

Niles VCS HUB8 Volume Control Speaker Distribution Hub

Volume Control Speaker Distribution Hub. Niles is focused on providing high-quality products that integrate and distribute home entertainment for the residential and commercial markets. Niles has played a major role in transforming whole-house audio/video and home theater.

Sunrise Wake Up Light Digital Alarm Clock Sunlight Simulation Sunset Night Light with 6 Nature Sounds FM Radio 7 Colors Snooze Function for Bedside and Kids

The sunrise wake up light digital alarm clock in your bedrooms gently prepares your body for waking up during the last half hour of sleep.People who use electronic sunrise lamp alarm clock wake up more easily, have a better mood in the morning and feel more energetic In the morning, our eyes are more sensitive to daylight (sunshine) than when we are awake. During that period the relatively low light levels of a simulated natural sunrise prepare our body for waking up and getting alert.Perfect use in bedroom, kitchen, children rooms, office, study room, school, apartment, flats, home, bed, parlor, parlour. Funny gifts for family ,friends, women, men, teen girls, mom, dad, brother, sister, heavy sleepers, kids, girl, boys, children, kid, teens, toddlers .  Main Features ★Large digital time display in 12( am,pm ) /24 H mode ★6 Relaxation nature sounds and FM radio can be selected as alarms sound ★An easily find snooze button and touch screen Control ★15 levels of loud sound volume can be adjustable ( 0-15 levels ) ★Sunrise simulation wakes you up gradually with very natural soft light ( 1% of the brightness to 100% ) ★Sunset simulation soothing guide you into a relaxed sleep Package Included 1 * Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clocks 1 * User Manual 1 * USB Cable 1 * Power Adapter 2 * Cable Clips Guarantee and Warranty 45 day money-back guarantee and full 1-year warranty OTHER: sunrise alarm clock for heavy sleepers kids alarm clock sunrise wake up light digital alarm clock light alarm clock sunrise simulation light alarm clock easy wake up alarm clock fm radio alarm clock wake up light alarm clock

Boston Acoustics Voyager 50 Black Outdoor Speakers

Boston Voyager Outdoor Speakers are designed to blend gracefully with virtually any outdoor setting and are specially voiced for open-air environments. These tough and durable outdoor speakers feature rustproof hardware and connectors, powder-coated aluminum grilles, UV-resistant polypropylene cabinets, and are designed to withstand the harshest weather and temperature extremes. Each speaker, anchored by a heavy-duty aluminum c-bracket, is incredibly easy to mount and is designed to fit the tightest spaces. All Voyager models are waterproof design built to IEC 60529 IPX5 standards and are available in black or white finish. If you enjoy spending time on the patio, by the pool, or under sail, Boston's weatherproof Voyager speakers are just what you need to enjoy the Boston sound. Every screw, gasket, enclosure, binding post, and grille has been built to withstand even the harshest conditions, and still deliver sound flawlessly.

Tekpower TP6005E DC Adjustable Switching Power Supply 60V 5A Digital Display

The TekPower TP6005E is a professional DC regulated power supply from TekPower. This is a highly stable, high quality switching power supply with its output continuously adjustable at 0-60V DC and 0-5A. The unit comes with a large LCD displays with back light, providing accurate readout for the voltage and current values. The cooling air fan will automatically start when the heat accumulated inside the case. It has a build in 8A fuse protection and comes with basic 1 year USA warranty. Features and Specifications: Adjustable outputs: 0-60V and 0-5A Variable controls for both current and voltage outputs Input voltage: 110V Regulation: CV

Pyle PSUFM1238BT Bluetooth PA Loudspeaker Karaoke Entertainment System, Wireless Mic

Pyle PSUFM1238BT Bluetooth PA Loudspeaker Karaoke Entertainment System, Wireless Mic

Leopardprintfans Network Grade 12 Right Angle Outlets Rackmount PDU Power Strip with 6ft Cord, Surge Protector 15A/125V, Black

Power Distribution Unit For Cabinet Specially Designed For 482.6mm(19'') Cabinets Internationally Standardized Metal construction, perfect heavy duty power strips for workshop, enclosed garages, offices and schools PDU POWER STRIP  The network grade full metal rack-mount PDU power strip, and the power strip with 6 foot cord, and the power strip with 12-outlet, it is satisfied the simultaneous use of multiple devices. This PDU power strip is used in a very wide range, such as rack enclosure, cabinet, work bench, wall mount, under counter and other mount-installation applications. SURGE PROTECTOR  The internal organization of products provided with surge protection function. Automatically cuts power to protect connected devices when voltage surge is detected. The power strip is great for office or home, and other place use. Power Switch Also with power off switch, can be manually turn off power connection. One Long Power Cord Makes All the Difference The 6 foot long cord gives you the added convenience of being able to plug in the power bar almost anywhere without having to use an extra extension cord. 12 Multi Outlets The space in between each outlet is perfect, Ultra-Durable Metal Housing Its rugged metal housing is durably constructed, making it a great solution on the factory floor, in a workshop/garage, or for commercial use. SPECIFICATION  Rated Voltage: 125V~/60Hz  Max Current: 15A Operation Temperature: -10℃ to +40℃  Storage Temperature: -10℃ to +60℃  Working Humidity: 5%(0℃)~90%(40℃)  WARRANTY: You will get 12 month quality warranty for our product,please feel free to contact us at any time. 100% No-hassle Warranty Replacement Guarantee.

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