Premium Plush Soft Sherpa Pet Dog Blanket by PetAmi | Soft, Cozy, Comfortable, Lightweight Microfiber | Ideal for Dog, Cat, and Pet (50" x 40", Charcoal)

Luxurious Plush Soft Sherpa Pet Blanket by PetAmi Pamper your pet with this Luxurious Plush Soft Sherpa Pet Blanket by PetAmi. This blanket is made from soft, plush fabric and cozy Sherpa lining, ensuring your best bud will get the best sleep everyday. This durable blanket keeps your pet comfortable while protecting your furniture and upholstery from scratching, clawing, chewing, and unwanted pet hair. Constructed with 460GSM of high quality microfiber polyester that is soft to touch, this high-quality pet blanket makes it easy to care for, and is lightweight at the same time. EASY TO CARE - Wash separately in cold water, Tumble Dry Low 8 Colors To Choose From - Black, Blue, Brown, Gray, Gray/Gray Sherpa, Taupe, Taupe/Sherpa, Wine Available In 2 Sizes - 30" x 40", 50" x 40" PetAmi builds quality pet goods for your best friend!Our Vision To provide premium pet products so you and your pets can create more memories! Our Products At PetAmi, we offer an extensive line of pet blankets and bags made of the highest quality that your best friend will love! Our products are meticulously designed with the finest materials and functions that truly simplify your life as a pet owner while providing all the key features that your pets will love. Our goal is to make it easy so you and your pets will create more loving memories.

Purina Friskies Party Mix Kahuna Crunch, Chicken, Salmon & Crab Flavors, 20-Ounce Canister, Pack of 1

Delight your cat with a bold burst of the seafood flavors she loves when you give her Purina Friskies Party Mix Kahuna Crunch adult cat treats. Each yummy treat features real ocean whitefish as the #1 ingredient, providing that lip-smacking goodness that keeps your favorite feline coming back for more. Offer her a treat between meals, or just toss her a few pieces at playtime. No matter when you serve these treats to your cat, you can feel good about indulging her cravings, because each treat contains less than 2 calories. Added flavors of salmon and crab provide the seafood taste cats meow for, while the crunchy texture in every nibble helps to clean her teeth. With Purina Friskies Party Mix Kahuna Crunch adult cat treats, she gets a tidal wave of her favorite ocean-inspired flavors, and you get the satisfaction of making your kitty purr with happiness.

BarkWood Pets Freestanding Pet Gate with Two 24"W x 24"H Folding Wood Panels, Cappuccino

Lovingly limit your pet’s access to areas in your home or office with the BarkWood Pets freestanding folding pet gate. Constructed of 100 percent all natural, solid wood from verifiable sustainable sources, the durable gate is easily placed where needed to safely block off doorways, halls and rooms for your pet. The double-jointed hinge system allows you to fold multipanel gates in a zigzag configuration to create a strong, freestanding structure that is easily placed in your home or office without having to attach to the wall. Featured in a variety of chew-resistant multi-step, nontoxic protective finishes, this beautifully crafted, free standing gate collection complements a variety of decor. Join with other single panels (sold separately) to expand play areas or create a freestanding pen for your pet. Sturdily built for pets, not for use as a child safety gate.

Blueberry Pet 9 Colors Soft & Comfy 3M Reflective Multi-colored Stripe Padded Dog Harness Vest, Chest Girth 21"-26", Neck 17.5"-26", Violet & Celeste, Medium, Mesh Harnesses for Dogs

As pet parents, you are searching for the best all-rounded harness product on the market. Through emails, and product reviews, we heard so many customers looking for the best for their loved furry friends just like you! Blueberry Pet's design team did the research for you and found this solution: light weight mesh, polyester and oxford materials for comfort, reflective stripes and triangle on top of the vest for safety in the dark, metal D-ring for durability and better attaching the leash, adjustable chest and neck straps for best fitting, two vests for pull control and distributing weight, polyester seams for stitching the mesh inner layer and oxford outer layer securely and the contrasting seams and stripes for added style. This harness piece is definitely what we call it as 'One-of-a-kind'. Your four-legged friends probably don't even want to take this harness out. At the same time, this harness makes your daily walk easy, enjoyable and stylish. Can't wait to put on your pups? Get it now!How to adjust the harness? Dos: This dog harness is designed with 4 adjustable straps - two are on neckline area and two are around belly area. Please make sure to adjust all 4 straps to achieve the perfect balanced fit both left and right sides for your furry friends. Donts: Please avoid adjusting straps only under the belly or on the neckline. Also avoid adjusting only one side of the straps. For example, only two straps on the left side of the harness - one on the neckline and one under the belly. Don'ts usually lead to undesirable and uncomfortable fit.

Beirui 20pcs Cute Dog Hair Bows with Rubber Bands - Adorable Rhinestone Bow for Long Hair Dog & Kitten

About our services If you have any questions, please leave your messages by email, we promise to reply you within 24 hours and offer you best services If you are satisfied with our products, please don't forget to leave 5 stars Positive Feedback, we will appreciate your encourage If you are not satisfied, before you leave the Negative or Neutral feedback, please contact us , we will solve the problem till you satisfy. Please check the size before you confirm the order and we are always here for you.Thanks for coming to my store and enjoy your shopping!

Co-Line Lockable 1-Way Livestock Gate Latch

The Co-Line Lockable One-Way Livestock Gate Latch is for use on residential, commercial or livestock gates with 1 5/8" - 2" O.D. round tube.

YUMMYWORMS Dried Mealworms Wild Bird Food, 5 lb

Dried Mealworms are a natural product which are high in protein, vitamins and high grade edible oils.Hens need a tremendous amount of protein to lay eggs and also to create new feathers during their molt. Our mealworms are an excellent way to increase your animals' protein intake.In addition, they are an important source of food for baby birds. Wild Birds, Poultry, (especially chickens), Hedgehogs, Squirrels, Fish, Reptiles, Budgies, Sugar Gliders and countless other animals love dried mealworms. Feed these high energy dried mealworms to your pets or wildlife for a tasty, healthy treat. Extra protein in winter also makes an enormous difference to laying quantity in hens(they are happy). Try scattering them around to encourage natural foraging. Dried mealworms are probably the most popular treat that chicken keepers or farms use to tame their birds. If you are using these with young chicks soak them in water first to make them easier to digest. Although you can buy live mealworms, dried mealworms are just as good and as they can be kept for a long time so you do not have the hassle of having to buy them on a regular basis. Dried Mealworms are also a lot better for anyone that is squeamish. Whether you just need a small tub of dried mealworms or a bulk 22Lb box of dried mealworms we have many different sizes available for you at the best prices online - guaranteed! At YUMMYWORMS we grow our own live mealworms and carefully control all the processes to dried mealworms so that we can be sure that they are of the highest quality and as fresh as possible. Normally you can find many broken pieces and dust in other brands.But here at YUMMYWORMS,we provide the highest quality meal worms.Buy your dried mealworms with confidence from YUMMYWORMS. We hope from reading this information you feel re-assured that by buying meal worms from YUMMYWORMS you know that you are buying from a trusted brand that does care about quality and their customer's satisfaction.

Co-Line Lockable 2-Way Livestock Gate Latch

The Co-Line Lockable Two-Way Livestock Gate Latch is for use on residential, commercial or livestock gates with 1 5/8" - 2" O.D. round tube.

30 Valentine's Day Dog Hair Bows Collection -Hot Pink/Pink/Red with center decorated with flower

This is designed and make exclusively by PET Expressions. These bows are wonderful collection for Shih Tzu, Maltese, Poodle, Yorkie, etc. All the bows are made with double looped rubber band. The one loop is for securing the ribbon and the other loop is for securing the bow to the doggie hair. Many times, we have been asked how to make dog bows stay on the doggie hair. Our advise is that you should tie the loop around the doggie hair at least 3 or more times. The specialty rubber band we use is highly elastic which makes it possible for you to tie as many times as you can so that it can stay on the doggie hair. For example, I have a 8 LB Shih Tzu with very fine hair, so I actually tie around the Shih Tzu hair for at least 6 times to allow the bows to stay on.

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