MasterVision Planning Board Magnetic Dry Erase Grid with Accessory Kit, 48" x 72", Whiteboard with Aluminum Frame

Organization is vital for the success of every business or enterprise. The MasterVision Magnetic Gold Ultra Dry Erase Grid Planning Board with Accessory Kit is an excellent tool that allows you to stay on track. Keeping important tasks on display, organizing work-groups or just planning ahead is practical and easy with this grid planning board. This board features 1 x 1 in pale gray grid lines with an extra wide row at the top and an extra wide column to the left to allow room for headers and data. Magnetic accessory kit includes data cards, date magnets and mini magnet shapes. 48 x 72 inches.

HP 772 300ml Light Gray Designjet Ink Cartridge in Retail Packaging (CN634A)

HP 772 300ml Light Gray Designjet Ink Cartridge in Retail Packaging (CN634A)

North Bayou Mobile TV Stand Heavy Duty TV Cart for Massive LCD LED OLED Flat Panel Plasma TV 60" - 100 Inches up to 300lbs Universal TV Cart with Wheels Rolling TV Stand with Shelves CF100 Black

Nоrth Bаyоu CF100 is аn еxtrеmеly hеаvy-duty mоbilе TV stаnd fоr mаssivе tеlеvisiоns. It suppоrts TV with 60 - 100 inсh diаgоnаl аnd wеighing up tо 200lbs . Suсh wеight саpасity is асhiеvеd thаnks tо spесiаlly dеsignеd соnstruсtiоn аnd usеd mаtеriаls. It hаs undеrgоnе еxtеnsivе sаfеty tеsting аnd hаs bееn сеrtifiеd by Undеrwritеrs Lаbоrаtоriеs (UL), whiсh еnsurеs thе highеst lеvеl оf sаfеty аnd rеliаbility. Thе mоunting brасkеts оf CF100 TV саrt is VESA соmpliаnt аnd fit VESA hоlе pаttеrns frоm min 200x200mm tо mаx 1000x600mm. CF100 tеlеvisiоn саrt соmеs with sturdy аnd аdjustаblе middlе shеlf with а lоаd саpасity оf 25lbs. It is pеrfесt fоr саblе bоxеs, strеаming dеviсеs, Xbоx, PlаyStаtiоn оr аny оthеr аudiо/vidео еquipmеnt yоu usе. Yоu саn sеt yоur wеb-саm оn thе аdjustаblе tоp shеlf tо hоld tеlесоnfеrеnсеs; thе wеight limit оf thе tоp shеlf is 10lbs. Aluminum bаsе оf thе TV саrt саn bе аdjustеd in width tо suit yоur nееds аnd prеfеrеnсеs. TV Stаnd is еquippеd with 4 lосking саstоrs whееls sо yоu саn mаnеuvеr with еаsе tо аny rооm - аll 4 whееls саn bе еаsily lосkеd tо prеvеnt ассidеntаl mоving. Duе tо intеgrаtеd саblе mаnаgеmеnt dеsign yоu саn kееp tеlеvisiоn аnd саblе wirеs hiddеn insidе TV stаnd соlumn. TV stаnd CF100 by Nоrth Bаyоu is а grеаt соmbinаtiоn оf dеsign, соnvеniеnсе, аnd vаluе.

Avery Slide and View Expanding File, Gray, Five Pockets, Letter Size, 1 Folder (73518)

Easily identify and organize your ongoing projects with this innovate expanding file. When open, the five separate sections slide apart for quick access and visibility. To save space, the file easily collapses, and an elastic closure keeps documents secure when you're on the go. And each durable section can hold up to 40 letter-size pages. This essential expanding file makes it easy to keep your projects organized, divided and secure.

LD Refurbished Toner to replace Dell 330-9792 (PK6Y4) Extra High Yield Black Toner Cartridge for your Dell 5530dn, 5535dn Laser printer

This is a refurbished alternative to the Dell 330-9792, PK6Y4 extra high yield black laser toner cartridge guaranteed to perform with the Dell 5530dn, 5535dn laser printers. These refurbished alternatives to the Dell 330-9792 cartridges are not refurbished Dell OEM cartridges. They are Non-OEM products that have been modified and refurbished by a remanufacturer that is not endorsed or associated with Dell and are guaranteed by to work with your Dell 5530dn, 5535dn printer. The remanufactured replacement laser toner cartridges to replace the Dell OEM 330-9792 are manufactured to the highest performance and quality standards and will deliver optimal prints. Containing up to 60% new parts including wiper blades, and other internal parts, our refurbished laser toner cartridges and supplies are an economical alternative to expensive OEM 330-9792 / 3309792 Dell laser toner cartridges, and offer big savings over brand-name 330-9792 laser toner cartridges and supplies. Since we directly import these refurbished replacements for the Dell OEM 330-9792 laser toner cartridges, we can pass the savings on to you. The use of refurbished replacement laser toner cartridges and supplies compatible with your Dell printer does not void your printers warranty. All of our remanufactured replacement toner cartridges compatible with Dell laser printers contain a toner management computer chip system that works with Dell Printers*, which helps the cartridge communicate more effectively with your computer. Our refurbished cartridge can also be used instead of these OEM and Dell Manufacturer part numbers: Y4Y5R, H1RP7.We offer a Two Year 100% Quality Satisfaction Guarantee.

Cassida C200 Coin Sorter, Counter, and Roller

A Complete Solution to Coin Counting. The Cassida C200 is an all-in-one solution for any coin handling need. Easy to use, it counts, adds, batches, and wraps automatically. Easy to use The C200 recognizes individual denominations and sorts them automatically into large bins. No dials and no knowledge of coin dimensions required. Just load the hopper, press start, and walk away. Grand total of all coins is displayed and detailed reports for each denominations are within a button’s reach. Counting, adding, and batching The C200 includes all the counting modes you would expect to find on a Cassida-designed coin sorter. Batch mode counts amounts as low as 1 coin or as high as 500. An easy-to-read LED display shows both number of coins and dollar amount for each denomination, as well as the grand total. One step sorting and wrapping It takes only seconds to exchange the C200’s bins for the included wrapping attachments. One button sets roll batch amounts for all denominations and C200 stops automatically when a wrapper is full, great for fast-paced environments where there is a need to switch between wrapping and bulk sorting. Fast, but quiet The C200 is quiet in operation, even when counting and sorting at 300 coins per minute!

Eiki LC-XB23 XGA Notebook Projector

Digital Multimedia Projector Brightness: 2000 lumens Contrast: 450:1 Native Resolution: 1024x768 HD Video Mode: Display Type: LCD Projector Weight: 6 lb.

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