The Buddy Holly Story Vol 2

The unprecedented success of The Buddy Holly Story, released in the immediate aftermath of the singer's death in a plane crash in 1959 soon had executives at Coral scouring for other material they could put out for the public. A total of twelve tracks were unearthed, including several that had not been completed, to which studio overdubs were added to make them accessible. The album, whilst not hitting the heights of its predecessor, still made the Top Ten during its chart run and further enhanced Holly's reputation.

October Valentine

1. A night like this 2. Lucy 3. I just don't think I'll ever get over you 4. Wishing time 5. Risk my heart 6. Rose of my heart 7. Finding the edge 8. I hear the trains 9. Radio soul 10. Planting a garden in October 11. Hell of a year

Acoustic Valentine

rare? maybe. Saw Catie about a month ago, pretty lady, nice person, solid performer. 12 songs - Not sure of yr of release - What's the Matter - Soulfully - Dandelion - Hush - Radical +++ more


Out of print in the U.S.! Import pressing of this 1971 album from the Blues rockers, their sixth album overall. Watt was the follow-up to their most successful album: Cricklewood Green. Watt features seven tracks recorded at Olympic Studios in Barnes and one ('Sweet Little Sixteen', originally by Chuck Berry) recorded live at the 1970 Isle of Wight festival. The album features the classic line-up of Alvin Lee (guitar and vocals) Ric Lee (drums), Leo Lyons (bass) and Chic Churchill (keyboards). EMI. 2008.

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