Penguin Coffee - Best Airtight Cold Brew Ice Iced Coffee Maker (1.6 Liter) - Tough Borosilicate Glass Pitcher, Removable Dual Layer MicroMesh Stainless Steel Filter, Food Grade Silicone

WHY SHOULD YOU CHOOSE PENGUIN COFFEE? MICROMESH INNER FILTER LAYER. Our woven stainless steel inner filter has microscopic holes. 40 Microns. 40 millionths of a meter.... about 1/10 of the size of other filters! Tiny holes keep the coffee grounds out of your cup. No gross coffee dust your cup and improved taste too! + you can use pre-ground coffee which saves you time. Other filters with the big holes can only use coarse ground coffee because the fine grounds end up in your cup. RIGHT RATIO OF WATER TO COFFEE. Our cold brew is intensely concentrated. Way more concentrated than our competitors. That's because we designed our filter and pitcher to give the perfect ratio of water to coffee grounds. The result is brewed coffee that is 5x more concentrated than the average cup. That's waaay too intense for most people! But it allows you to dilute with water and find your perfect taste! Without sacrificing that delicious, intense coffee flavor! Or... blend with milk or cream for richly flavored, classic espresso drinks. That's impossible with less concentrated, watery cold brew coffee. REMOVABLE FILTER END CAP. Makes clean up a snap! We added machine cut threads for easier, more reliable use. UNIQUE DESIGN. Other cold brew coffee makers all look the same. Same product, different labels. Ours was designed by us, from scratch. Every component. Designed first for better coffee and second to be blend seamlessly into your modern kitchen. Beautiful, elegant and minimalist! All without sacrificing the ability to brew amazingly intense and concentrated cold brew coffee. VERSION 2.0. IMPROVED BASED ON CUSTOMER FEEDBACK. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - Our tiny group of coffee geeks dreamed, designed, tested and redesigned all this from scratch. We are super proud of the results! However, if you are not happy within 90 days, we will cheerfully either make it right or give you a refund. PROUDLY BASED IN ATLANTA, GEORGIA

Cerys Memory Foam and Latex Mattress by Sleep Pros (Queen)

Natural LATEX is the difference! LATEX is naturally hypo-allergenic: Dust mites do not like latex and cannot live in or on it! LATEX is naturally resistant to fungi, mold and mildew. When combined with our full-removable, washable, micro-pillow cover, the Cerys is the perfect mattress for allergy sufferers - or even those who just like a clean, hygienic mattress! LATEX provides a combination of plushness and support unlike any other sleep material. Europeans have been sleeping on LATEX for almost one hundred years, and many Americans who slept on a LATEX mattress while in Europe came home and tried to find a mattress as comfortable as the one they left behind. The Cerys is that mattress, except it includes the ADDED BENEFIT of pressure relieving OKEO-TEX, gel-infused, cooling open-cell memory foam. You'll find all kinds of foam mattresses on the internet, all the way from super-cheap mattresses with one thin layer of memory foam laid on top of a big chunk of polyurethane foam to expensive mattresses with all kinds of foam layers that have no real purpose except to create a taller mattress at a jacked up price. The Cerys mattress is carefully engineered to provide the best sleep possible with the RIGHT amount of the RIGHT sleep materials combined in the RIGHT way - no wasted materials, no wasted money. We pass that savings on to you! Don't compare the Cerys to those cheap memory foam mattresses - that's like comparing a Cadillac to a Ford Pinto. But do compare our prices! For just a few dollars more than those cheapie mattresses, you can have a top-of-the line latex and memory foam mattress that will give you years of restful sleep. We are new on Amazon but not new to the specialty sleep industry: SleepPros has sold tens of thousands of mattresses to satisfied customers over the last 25 years. The Cerys is backed by the SleepPros 30 day comfort guarantee and a worry-free lifetime warranty. Give the Cerys mattress a try today. You'll be glad you did.

7 PCS Portion Control Containers Kit (with COMPLETE GUIDE & 21 DAY DAILY TRACKER & 21 DAY MEAL PLANNER & RECIPES PDFs) ,Label-Coded,Multi-Color-Coded System,Perfect Size for Lose Weight

Product description Benefits of using the Prefer Green Portion Control System Easily take control of your meal plans with these simple,tiny but beautiful looking containers. Feel happy with your cooking. Never worry about if you eat more or less. Color code guide Green - Vegetables, 1 Cup Purple - Fruit, 1 Cup Red - Proteins, 3/4 Cup Yellow - Carbs, 1/2 Cup Blue - Healthy Fats, 1/3 Cup Orange - Nuts,Seeds and Dressings, 2 Tbsp Item Package inclued 7 pieces different sizes containers. 1 pc meal plan guide instructions.

Anodized Aerospace Aluminum Pollen Press With 3 Metal Dowel Rods by Interplanetary Development

Interplanetary Development's Anodized Aerospace Aluminum Press. The highest quality press available on Amazon. With a sharp design. Brought to you from the designers and manufacturers of the Interplanetary Development Herb Grinder. Complete unit is 2.5 inches in height with a 1 inch diameter weighing in at 3 ounces. The Press is made of anodized aluminum. Each unit breaks down into six pieces: Main hollow outer chamber, two outer end caps, and three inner dowel rods. The highest quality materials available ensure perfect pressing every time. Inner dowels can be combined in different ways to allow for variable compression sizes. This wonderful device has a multitude of applications and can handle any pressing task with ease. Available for Shipping via Amazon Prime. Features: -Computer Numerical Control Machined Space-Grade Aluminum -Dimensions: 2.5" H x 1" D and 3 Oz W -Device breaks down into 6 pieces including three solid aluminum dowels -Superior strength and design -Excellent compliment to our Herb Grinder

Typhoon Stainless Steel Vintage Mechanical Kitchen Scale, Red

Add a splash of color to your kitchen with this mechanical scale from Typhoon's Vintage collection. The red stainless steel scale comes with a stainless steel bowl attached to the top. It can weigh up to 2kg or 4Ibs. The compact size and clear, easy to read dial face makes this the perfect scale for any person to use. The pear shaped bowl allows for easy pouring and it comes in a gift box ready to be given away.4 pound capacity

Marketing Holders 6" Wide Premium Acrylic Counter Top Brochure Holder Lot of 6

Clear Acrylic Countertop Brochure Holder for 6"W Literature This freestanding countertop brochure stand is the perfect display solution to hold and organize 6"W literature while providing takeaway pamphlets, leaflets, flyers, brochures, and catalogs to potential customers. Made of durable clear acrylic, the flyer holder features an angled-back design for optimal visibility and stability, and a brochure pocket with a ribbed bottom to keep pamphlets neatly in place and evenly distributed. Simply place the brochure stand on desks, counters, tables or virtually any flat surface in an area where you want to distribute your 6"W marketing material. Great countertop brochure display for offices, retail stores, hotels, trade show booths, salons, and more. Product Features: Holds and distributes 6"W promotional literature, brochures, pamphlets, catalogs, flyers, rack cards and leaflets Freestanding and portable; display on desks, counters, or almost any flat surface. Overall dimensions: 6-1/2"W x 9-3/8"H x 3-1/2"D Pocket dimensions: 6-1/4"W x 1-1/2"D S110-LRG-BM

Best Mixer Cover For Tilt-Head Stand, Artisan and Classic Mixers - 100% Cotton, Z-Cover , Red

Best Mixer Cover For Tilt-Head Stand, Artisan and Classic Mixers - Heavyweight 100% Cotton Quilted Cloth Fabric Cover - On SALE TODAY Prevents Dust and Grease From Getting On Your Expensive Kitchen Stand Mixer. The Z-Cover is a perfect addition for your Tilt-Head Stand, Artisan and Classic Mixer to protect against dust or scratches when not in use. The two large side pockets offer plenty of room for recipes or attachments. Good quality heavyweight 100% cotton quilted cloth mixer cover. Fits most of the popular stand mixers. Just Read Our Reviews. We know the product is a superior quality than the rest that is why we offer a Money Back Guarantee We only sell products that we would use ourselves. Enjoy excellent Customer Service. Money Back Guarantee We believe you'll love our Z-Cover so much that we stand by our no questions asked Money Back Guarantee. Order Now!

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