Sure-Grip EX Slimline Flammable Safety Cabinet, Cap. 22 gallons, 3 shelves, 1 s/c door

DescriptionSpecificationsDocumentationVideosUse alone or alongside larger cabinets for expanded storage when floor space is limited. The standard slimline cabinet is 18" (457-mm) deep and fits flush alongside a 45-gallon (170-L) cabinet. The deep slimline cabinet is 34" (864-mm) deep and fits alongside a 60- or 90-gallon (227- or 341-L) cabinet. Both cabinets measure only 23-1/4" (591-mm) wide. These cabinets have all the great features and benefits of our classic cabinets as outlined below.Protect workers, reduce fire risks, and improve productivity by storing flammable fuels and chemicals in code-compliant safety cabinets. Designed to meet OSHA and NFPA standards, Sure-Grip EX cabinets are constructed of sturdy 18-gauge (1-mm) thick double-wall, welded steel with 1-1/2" (38-mm) of insulating air space for fire resistance. High-performance, self-latching doors close easily and securely for maximum protection under fire conditions. Fail-safe closing mechanism ensures three-point stainless steel bullet latching system works every time.For added security, U-Loc handle comes with a cylinder lock and key set or accepts an optional padlock. Haz-Alert reflective warning labels are highly visible under fire conditions or during power outages when illuminated with a flashlight.Patented SpillSlope galvanized steel shelves direct spills to back and bottom of a leakproof 2" (51-mm) bottom sump. They adjust on 3" (76-mm) centers for versatile storage. Cabinets also feature dual vents with flame arresters, four adjustable self-leveling feet, grounding connector, and trilingual warning label. Durable lead-free epoxy/polyester powder-coat finish provides excellent chemical resistance. Manual-close door(s) opens to a full 180 degrees and self-latches when pushed closed. Self-close door(s) shuts and latches automatically when a fusible link melts at 165°F (74ºC) under fire conditions. Unique, con

Datalogic Scanning GM4130-BK-910K1 Gryphon GM4130, 910 MHz, Kit, USB, Includes Base Station BC4030-BK-910 and Cable 90A051945, Black

The Datalogic GM4130-BK-910K1 Gryphon barcode reader is black, comes with a USB cable and a charging base, and can be used to scan and decode linear one-dimensional (1D) barcodes. A laser produces a single line of light that can scan barcodes at a speed of up to 325 scans per second in continuous mode. A green spot can help the user aim the barcode reader for accuracy. Wireless capability allows the barcode reader to transmit data from up to 98.4' away from the charging base. A batch memory mode enables the reader to store barcode data when it is away from the base and automatically transmit that data when it is back within wireless range. The charging base can be plugged into the USB port of a computer or another host system (sold separately) to transmit barcode data. The base adjusts to two positions and enables the barcode reader to be used in a fixed position. The lithium-ion battery enables the barcode reader to make up to 50,000 scans on one charge. The barcode reader weighs 8.7 oz. and measures 7.1 x 2.8 x 3.9 inches (H x W x D). (H is height, the vertical distance from the lowest to highest point; W is width, the horizontal distance from left to right; D is depth, the horizontal distance from front to back.) The charging base weighs 8.7 oz. and measures 7.3 x 3.9 x 2.2 inches. It can withstand drops of up to 5.9' on a concrete floor.Barcode scanners, also known as barcode readers, can be used to scan and decode barcodes and to transmit barcode data to a computer or another host system. Barcode readers with a single-line laser can be used to scan linear, one-dimensional (1D) barcodes. Some lasers can produce light in an omnidirectional pattern to allow scanning of barcodes from different angles. Other barcode readers contain CCD (charge-coupled device) light sensors instead of a laser for accuracy and wear resistance. Barcode scanners with raster scanning, area imaging, and other scanning technologies can allow scanning of two-dimensional (2D) or Portable Document Format 417 (PDF417) barcodes, among other types. Some barcode readers provide onboard flash memory to allow the storage of barcode data before transmitting it to a computer or host system through a USB cable or wireless WLAN or Bluetooth connection. Many barcode readers have a handle for handheld use and come with a stand or a charging cradle for fixed position applications, while others are designed for stationary use on a counter or another flat surface. Some portable readers are small enough to be carried in a pocket or attached to a lanyard. Barcode readers are used at retail checkout counters and other points of sale (POS) locations and in warehouses and shipping facilities.Datalogic manufactures barcode readers, mobile computers, sensors, vision systems, and laser marking systems, among others. The company, founded in 1972, is headquartered in Bologna, Italy.What's in the Box?Barcode readerUSB cableCharging base

RAB Lighting STL110 Stealth 110 Sensor, 110 Degrees View Detection, 1000W Power, 120V, Bronze Color

This RAB Lighting STL110 Stealth 110 sensor has a 1,000 watt incandescent and 500 watt fluorescent switching capacity, a 110 degree detection pattern, and is suitable for switching lights on and off according to the presence of daylight or a heat signature within range of the detection pattern. It has built-in surge protection of up to 6,000V, and a photoelectric control that automatically deactivates the unit during daylight if desired. It compensates for ambient temperature and has a manual override feature that resets itself to automatic at dawn. Both the detector sensitivity and the switch-on time are adjustable. This bronze-colored sensor is Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed as suitable for use in wet locations. It can be used in a variety of outdoor switching applications.SpecificationsSwitching capacity1,000W incandescent, 500W fluorescentPower rating120VAC, 60HzPower consumption1WTime adjustment5 seconds to 12 minutesSensitivity adjustment100 to 30%Standards metUL listedWeight1 lb.Dimensions*3-1/2 x 5 x 5 inches/8.9 x 12.7 x 12.7 cm (H x W x D)*H is height, the vertical distance from bottom to top; W is width, the horizontal distance from left to right; D is depth, the horizontal distance from front to back.RAB Lighting manufactures LED, metal halide, and high-pressure sodium lighting fixtures and controls for indoor and outdoor applications. The company, founded in 1946, is headquartered in Northvale, NJ.

PEAK Atlas LCR45 LCR and Impedance Meter

The LCR45 is a great enhancement of the popular LCR40. Bringing finer measurement resolution of 0.2uH, 0.2pF and 0.2 Ohms and advanced mathematical analysis to your workshop gear. Very simple to use - simply clip the universal test leads to your component and press the test button. In seconds, the LCR45 will identify the type of component (Inductor, Capacitor or Resistor) together with the component's value. Readings are taken continuously, giving you the ideal tool for making fine adjustments. In addition to the component type and value, the LCR45 can also display the component's parameters as a complex impedance, complex admittance or magnitude and phase of impedance. What's more, you can select auto and manual modes for both the component type and test frequency. The LCR45 is supplied with our new 2mm compatible detachable micro-hooks, allowing the use of a range of 2mm compatible probes. Datasheet is available at

Norwood Commercial Furniture Laptop Caddy Cart Presentation Station, NOR-TY-1000

The laptop caddy presentation cart from Norwood Commercial Furniture provides you with plenty of space for your classroom presentation materials. The four medium-density fiberboard shelves have enough space to hold your projector, document camera, laptop and more, and they feature a PVC finish to protect them from scratches and dings. Plus, wire management grommets in the top shelf and the laptop shelf make it East to keep your space tidy. The durable steel frame withstands heavy use, and four casters (two locking) give you the option of easily moving the caddy from room to room, or keeping it stable when in use.

Rubbermaid Premier Food Storage Container, 7 Cup, 5-Pack, Grey

Crystal clear and stain resistant, the Rubbermaid Premier 7 Cup Food Storage Container keeps food fresh and stays looking beautiful. Made of shatterproof Tritan plastic, this food container is extra durable and has a unique lid design that minimizes trapped food and liquids so you can clean and dry more easily. Dome-shaped lids also maximize storage capacity and help prevent any spills when closed. Premier lids snap to bases and other lids, making it easier than ever to stack, store, and find what you’re looking for. Functional, durable and stylish, Premier food storage containers are great for storing and serving – even outdoors!

APG T554A-BL1616 Heavy-Duty Painted-Front Cash Drawer with USBPro II USB Interface, 24V, 16" x 4.9" x 16.8", Black

The APG T554A-BL1616 heavy-duty painted-front cash drawer is black, has a USBPro II USB interface and an adjustable media slot, and is suitable at a high-volume point of sale for temporarily storing money. The USBPro II USB interface and the 6' USB A/B cable can be used to connect the cash drawer to a host computer or USB hub for creating an integrated point-of-sale system (computer and hub sold separately). The cash drawer is made of steel for strength and durability and has steel ball bearing slides for smooth operation. The black powder-coated finish resists wear and corrosion. The plastic till has five bill compartments and five coin compartments for organizing money by denomination. Hold-downs keep bills securely in place and flip up for inserting or retrieving bills. A latch releases the drawer when opened and keeps it securely shut when closed. The four-function lock on the drawer has functions to lock the drawer closed, lock open, open electronically using a connected host device, or open manually. A beveled slot allows checks, credit card receipts, or other transaction media to be inserted into the storage area under the till without opening the cash drawer. A divider behind the slot adjusts in position and can be used to organize and segregate different types of media. The cash drawer measures 16.0 x 16.8 x 4.9 inches (W x D x H). (W is width, the horizontal distance from left to right; D is depth, the horizontal distance from front to back; H is height, the vertical distance from lowest to highest point.) It measures 4.6" high without feet. It can be placed on a counter and can support a monitor, receipt printer, or other point-of-sale device (sold separately). Mounting brackets (sold separately) allow the cash drawer to be mounted under a counter to save space. The cash drawer is tested to withstand at least 4 million operations. It has a storage temperature range from -22 to +122 degrees F and an operating temperature range from +32 to +104 degrees F.APG Cash Drawer manufactures cash drawers and other point-of-sale equipment. The company, founded in 1978, is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN.What's in the Box?T554A-BL1616 heavy-duty painted-front cash drawer6' USB A/B cable

Correll AM2448-REC-15 EconoLne Melamine Activity Table, 24" x 48", Rectangular Gray Granite Top, Heavy Duty Height Adjustable Legs, 21" - 30"

Correll econoline melamine activity table • made in USA • rectangular shaped • table dimensions - 24 inch x 48 inch • Height adjustable from 21 inch to 30 inch in 1 inch increments (perfect for kindergarten to adult) • speed wrench included for fast and secure Height adjustments• heavy duty legs include oversize hairpin brace and shouldered set screws for maximum Safety• each leg has 6 screws attaching it to the top • melamine top with a 1-1/8 inch high density particle board core melamine tops have a harder and smoother writing surface than wood furniture and about the same water and scratch resistance • crayon and even permanent marker can be removed without damage• gray Granite colored top • black t-mold edging and black and chrome legs• tables are custom built to order you can count on Correll: Correll was established in 1969 and has been in business for over 40 years. With our outstanding customer service, innovative new product lines, and the largest selection of folding tables available from any manufacturer, now, more than ever, you can count on Correll. In an Age where it seems like everything is imported, over 90 percent of Correll products are still made in the USA at our Factory in Arkansas.

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